Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) rests on the concept that existing in the body are pathways of energy called meridians. These meridians originate in a person's internal organs and flow through their entire body. The Chinese medicine approach focuses on meridian balancing. In order to achieve meridian balance, factors such as age, diet, personal habits and physical and emotional traits must be accounted for in addition to your symptoms and complaints. This encompassing perspective allows for a clear evaluation of areas in your meridian system that are experiencing blockage and an imbalance of your body energy called Qi.

Qi flows in a specific and continuous pattern in accordance with two opposing yet unifying forces: the Yin (negative and passive) and the Yang (positive and active). In a healthy state the two opposing forces are in balance and are essential to maintain vitality. TCM primarily uses herbal therapy and acupuncture to stimulate and rebalance the meridian system. In addition, stimulating the meridian system with massage, manipulation, moxibustion, and laser can augment these therapies.

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